Galaxy Instrumentronics
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Galaxy Test & Calibration Lab


Configurable microprocessor panel instrument that make it possible to achieve precise control of variables such as temperature pressure. force, humidity, position, etc. they have programmable alarm and optional communication interface.

  • Digital Panels indicator / Controller, PID's.
  • Programmable logic controller & SCADA System.
  • Protection relay / Timer, counter, large Display.
  • Digital panels meter, Energy meter maximum demand controller.
  • Portab|e/handheld Digital meter, Temperature & Humidity/Tachometer

Solid State Relay

Solid State Relay are solid state devices that control resistive loads. partially inductive loads and infrared heating element. We offer various families of product. each specifically designed to satisfy different application criteria.

We offer models to cater single phase, two phase, three phase with star (With or without neutral) and delta connection, current range up to 600amp (Per phase), Voltage range up to 6OOVAC, Standard accessories like heat sinks & semi conductor fuse are also available.

Motor Controller (AC/DC Drive)

Wide range of AC/DC drive and servo drives are offered to control speed and position of rotating machines. High performance of these devices enhances feature and flexibility of machine like extrudes, doser. winder and cutter.

  • Power range from 0.75kw up 400kw
  • AC main supply 3Ph 400VAC-690VAC
  • Field Oriented control in open/closed loop

Safety & Protection

In order to reach the necessary state of safety when person or parts of their bodies approach a source of danger, Non-contact protective systems are the first choice.

Photoelectric component are used to fulfill protective measure, a fact that is always called for, apart from other possibilities, when the freedom of motion should possibly not be limited.

Radial Blower

Forced cooling blowers are integral part of extrusion line.

  • Radial Blower (Single Entry & Double Entry}
  • Axial Fans

Infrared Heater

Infrared Emitter radiate heat for preheating, drying & curing application; one of the few application examples is pipe belling in post extrusions process.

  • Ceramic Infrared Heater.
  • Quartz Infrared lamp.
  • Reflector Units/Systems.