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Temperature Sensors

1     Digital Temp. Indicator up to  18000C ( 5 Points ).
2     Digital / Blind Temp. Controller  up to  18000C ( 5 Points ).
3     PID Controller  up to  18000C ( 5 Points ).
4     Temp. Scanner ( per Channel) up to  18000C ( 5 Points ).
        (a) Per Channel ( up to 03 channel ).
        (b) Additional charges per channel ).
5     Glass Thermometer (Up to 6000C).
        (a) 05Points 
        (b) Additional charges per point
6     RTD (Up to 3000C).
        (a) 05Points 
        (b) Additional charges per point
7     Thermocouple (Up to 15000C).
        (a) 05Points 
        (b) Additional charges per point
8     Temperature Gauge (Up to 15000C).
        (a) 05Points 
        (b) Additional charges per point
9     I.R. Thermometer ( Up to 14000C).

Thermocouples & resistance thermometers offered by us covers wide range of temperature from -200c to 1600c in all application of pre & post extrusions and allied processes.

  • Vast range of baynut fitted thermocouples for plastic industries.
  • We specialized in isolator then mineral insulation temperatures sensors.
  • Assemblies, design, fitting. sheet material could be customized.
  • Accessories like quick disconnect jack 8. plug compensating cable ferrule fitting available.

Melt Pressure Sensors

The melt sensors is ideal for use in the production and transformation of polymers. Melt sensors are indispensable in extrusion processes because they :

  • Increase plant safety by preventing pressure increase in the machine.
  • Increase output by keeping the How-rate stable and optimum.
  • Melt sensors are normally used to read pressure.
  • In the head for close-loop pressure control. `
  • Before and alter the gear pump to keep the flow rate constant.
  • During filter change to cleaning.

Tension / Force Sensors

Tension force transducers are used to measure the tension that wires, cables & plastic sheets / films / tapes exert on the guide rollers of the machinery used to wind / unwind them.

Mounted at the ends oi a fixed or transmission shaft on the machine chassis, they perform the function of force / tension sensors. They are used on both fixed and rotating shafts.

Proximity Sensors

Detection, Position, Counting & monitoring : These processes are typically handled by non contact proximity Sensors. We offer e vast range of :

  • Inductive Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
  • Capacitive Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors

Pressure Sensors

We offer pressure sensors to measure pressure of fluids. liquids & gases in all industrial application.

Measurement range from Relative and absolute O-50mbar to 0-5000 mbar; mV/V and amplified outputs in current and voltages. Alex also available with intrinsic safety for use in dangerous areas.

Encoder & Tachometers

Encoder / Tachometers are necessary in all application involving rotation rate & speed control. Length counting and excellence in synchronisation on extrusions and allied processes cannot be thought of without these device.

We offer a complete line of incremental & absolute rotary encoder & tachometers.